Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Outfits

We didn't send out a Christmas card this year but here are some photos of my kids in their Christmas outfits from Grandma Roylance

cute of kruz


ValaRee said...

Oh my goodness! They look so cute! Grace looks like a school girl and Kruz is changing into a little boy instead of a baby! Can't wait to see them in person and kiss those beautiful faces!

Sarah and Jared said...
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Sarah and Jared said...

They are too cute! Have a great Christmas!

Angie & Neal said...

Cute cute kiddos! Love their outfits! hope you guys enjoy your time at home and have a merry Christmas!

Aubrey said...

haha! so cute. I love how Kruz is being held up in the last pic ;) Miss you guys!

kevin21 said...

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