Friday, April 13, 2012


Easter this year was pretty low key for us. Since we don't have any family around we invited our neighbors over for dinner and did a little egg hunt around our complex. That morning I tried to do a photo shoot of the kids in their easter outfits and it was a mess haha. The kiddos wouldn't cooperate but I managed to get a few shots!

on saturday there was an easter egg hunt at the park by our house. they had a little egg hunt in the morning where they just put a bunch of chocolate eggs on the ground so it wasn't really a hunt but hey they got candy. then they had a couple bounce houses, face painting, and tours of a fire truck, ambulance, swat car, and a demonstration of a drug dog finding drugs. They also had little carnival games with candy prizes. they had another easter egg hunt with lots of plastic eggs but grace is such a slow mover she only got 1 egg haha oh well!

grace and our neighbor we play everyday they have a love/hate relationship

finding easter eggs

Thursday, April 5, 2012


This past weekend we were able to go down to southern California to see my family. My sister was there for her high school drill team nationals competition and my parents came along so we went to see them. Thanks to my great friend, Whitney, we were able to go to Disneyland for a whole day. I think that was the longest I'd been at Disneyland my whole time living in California. The next 2 days were spent watching dance. The kids did surprisingly well and my sisters team took 2 first place finishes which was great! My parents spoiled us as Grace said to my mom "thanks for buying me too much stuff" haha we had a great time and are so excited to live close to them in a couple months.

the jungle cruise

grace after splash mountain, she got soaked

kruz was happy as could be

this was as enthusiastic as the boys got about the dancing

also while we were there grace got her ears pierced
getting nervous
right after she sat there shocked for a second then cried for just a minute after
she was so brave! she looks so much older now but they are so cute she shows everyone she sees, its cute

My mother in law and sister in law Colby went down to Huntington Beach to visit my other sister in law Brittany so they made a trip up north to spend the day with us

sweet baby kimber
this is just kruz yesterday being so cute!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

California Oh How We've Missed You

We've made it to our last rotation woohoo! The middle of February we moved to Hanford, CA and Royce is working at the Lemoore Naval Base. We were sad to leave Salt Lake because of family but are loving being in the California sunshine. It has been so nice here and really I don't know why this rotation is one of the last picks because it is fabulous. Royce gets off everyday at 4 at the latest, so far its been about 3 every day. He has at least one half day every week and has already had a few days off. I'm afraid I'm going to be spoiled here and when reality hits when he starts his real job I'm going to have a hard time readjusting to him being gone all the time. Oh well though I'm going to enjoy having him around while we can. Our ward here is awesome the people are so welcoming and kind. Grace has made some fun friends that we've been able to hang out with. We have a park right down the street that we walk to everyday. Life is good!

My sweet boy...he's getting more and more fun everyday. He has the cutest little personality
Kruz's first ride on the swings which he loved

Royce's sister and her husband just moved to Huntington Beach so we met at Pismo Beach one weekend. It was so nice to see them and this beach was awesome. I think we will be returning soon.

Since Grace's Grandma Barney gave her an apron and chef hat Grace has wanted to do a lot of cooking with mom

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Kruz 6 months + Grace's Birthday

Kruz is 6 months old I can hardly believe it. He's such a sweet boy and so much fun. He loves Grace more than anybody, always has a smile ready for everybody, and is so chill. He loves to jump in the jumperoo and doesn't like to be on the ground much. He's almost crawling he gets up on all fours and can go backwards but hasn't mastered the forwards yet. He is crazy in the bath, pretty much gives me a bath and rolls all over in there. He goes under the water and just laughs. He can do pushups better than me and is just so sweet. He's still our big, strong boy, we're having so much fun with him. Here are his stats:
Height: 2 ft 2.5 inches (50th percentile)
Weight: 18 1.2 lbs (59th percentile)

Now onto Grace. Her birthday isn't until the 15th but since we are moving the next day we had a little party this last Friday. We were going to do Chuck E Cheese since Grace asks to go there every time we drive by but the place is so expensive...really for pizza and some arcades its 12 dollars a kid plus whatever food you get, no thanks. So we decided to go to my in-laws pool and their condo and then just have pizza and cake and ice cream. Grace had her cousins and her one little friend here in Utah come and it was nice to have a little party for our final hoorah! It was a Hello Kitty party and my mother in law did such a cute job decorating for it. We had lots of fun although Grace's hair caught on fire when she was blowing out the candles but we survived!

cute apron and chef hat grandma barney made