Sunday, January 15, 2012


We had such a fun Christmas this year! This year we were with the Barney's and we went to Bear Lake as a whole family! Royce's parents have Trendwest timeshares so this is the second Christmas with them that we went to one of their locations and they are so fun! We get a couple condo's with like 3 bedrooms in each and we all pile our families in there. It's pretty crammed with the whole family but we have such a good time together playing games and just spending time together. The snow wasn't too good but we did a little sledding which was fun except Grace had a pretty bad accident. The sledding hill we went on ended at a paved road and Grace and her cousin hit the bottom and she flew off and got road rash from the top of her head down one side of her face and under her chin. Luckily it healed quickly with no scars but it looked pretty nasty. We loved the trip though and Christmas was so fun with all the cousins!

i didn't take a picture of her face the first day but this is a couple days later

Royce only had a couple days off for Christmas and had to get back to his rotation so I decided I wanted to go visit my family. So the kids and I flew out to Washington for a week. I didn't even think about flying alone with 2 kids until the day before we left but it went really well. The kids were awesome! In Washington the kids were pretty much sick the whole time so we spent most of our time just hanging out making and frosting cookies and cupcakes and playing with the cat. We also went in the hot tub a lot and that was so nice. It was a nice little trip and we can't wait to live closer in about 5 months :)
kruz is a jumpin fool. he will spend hours in his jumperoo so i was glad my mom had a jumper
grace and "georgie" as she calls it its real name is jordie

kruz loved this little turtle and we discovered its name was cruiser haha


Chelsea Roylance said...

Those are some super cute kids!! Grace is such a trooper to get back out there and play in the snow again after her accident and those pictures of Kruz are adorable, I just want to kiss those big cheeks! He better still have them when you guys move closer :) We miss you and can't wait to see you again! Hurry back! :)

Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

Love all the pictures! Fun

Angie & Neal said...

Glad you had a great time with Royce's family and yours! Glad the kids were good on the flight for you too! That's gotta be crazy. :) Kruz sure is growing up fast and I love your little snow hat and Grace's and Kruz' cute as usual Miss AubRee!

Smiths said...

Nice update!! Glad you had a good Christmas.

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