Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Im the lamest blogger lately I know but here is what we've been up to
Kruz's 4 month stats:
Weight: 15.6 or somewhere near that (75th percentile) moving down in the weight department
Height: 25 1/4 inches (50th percentile)
Kruz is sleeping a lot better I usually only get up once a night. He's crazy when eating, most the time he just laughs and plays. He has his hands in his mouth at ALL times so he drools a lot. He is very ticklish and always has a huge grin waiting for you. He loves his sister, they are so sweet together. He loves to be in his jumperoo he will jump for hours. He loves to talk as well. He's the sweetest little thing!

Royce celebrated his 31st yes 31st birthday in November. He was studying for boards so it wasn't that exciting but we went to dinner with his parents and I made him some Tres Leche cupcakes that were delicious I hear! I also got him tickets to Brian Regan in January so that will be fun!

The end of November we made the long trek down to Fullerton for Royce to take boards! It was a short trip but it was so good to see our friends again we miss them all so much! Thanks to Geri and Jason for letting us crash at their place it was fun!

My friend Whitney got us into Disneyland one of the days and it was so fun so thanks to her! Grace misses all of her friends so much she talks about them daily and always wants to go back to California

and just some random pics


Steve and Stephanie Anderson said...

his eyes are so pretty and blue! love them! don't you love the drool? ahh kills me....i got parker's beanie at gap! i got it on sale, it was like $20 regular fun dressing them up!

Whitney said...

Hi AubRee, I'm Whitney (Chandler) Peters, I went to school with Royce. I like to check your blog and see your cute ideas too.

I am part of a blog that is doing a giveaway right now and I think Grace would really like the project...

Anyway, thanks for sharing all your fun pics, it's good to catch up with old friends.