Friday, April 1, 2011


Over Royce's break in February we went to San Diego with our friends the Casper's! We went to the Mormon Battallion, the beach, and just hung around! Next Grace and I with my friend Angie made a trip to Arizona to visit our friends the Neville's while Royce studied for round 1 of boards! We went swimming, celebrated birthdays with happy cakes, and just played together! Paul was nice and watched the girls one day so we could have a girls day in Phoenix! Next Royce's brother Eric and his family came to visit! It was so fun to see them! We don't get to see them very often so it was nice to spend time together! They did Disneyland for a few days then Royce and Grace went with them to Knott's Berry Farm and loved it but Royce forgot the camera so no pictures! It's always fun to have visitors we have a few more to come so I'll be updating as they come and go!!

Mormon Battallion

Eric's family


Phil and Holly said...

haha that has got to be the ugliest face I've ever seen Bruin make!!

Love Grace's Snow White dress!


Phil and Holly said...

can't believe you forgot to mention the highlight of the trip... -phil