Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Grace Turns 3

I can't believe I have a 3 year old! It was so fun to have a birthday party this year because Grace was so excited! We had to make a countdown and every morning the first thing she said was "my happy day!?" and I always had to say not today. That went on for about 2 weeks! We did a princess party this year and all her friends wore princess dresses and we had cupcakes and a pinata it was really fun! I don't have the pictures from that yet but i'll post those later! Grace was so excited to blow out the candles and after she did and everyone clapped she actually took a bow haha it was hilarious! On Valentine's Day I actually took her to meet the princesses and TinkerBell at Disneyland since our passes expired so that was fun! On her actual birthday we took her to Downtown Disney to Build-a-Bear and she made a cute little bear she named Belle. Then she insisted on eating at the Rainforest Cafe which I knew was gross and it was once again, but Grace loved seeing all the animals so it was worth it I suppose! That night we didn't have any cake or anything so we put candles in a Swiss Roll but she was happy as can be to blow out candles again! I just love my little lou she just gets more and more fun everyday! Her smile melts my heart and makes it hard to get her in trouble! My love for her grows more and more each day and I'm so blessed to have her! Love you Louie!

being her mischievous self
princess tiana on her birthday

grace was so afraid of Beast he had to go in the corner

grace and belle
"scared of monkey"
the thunder just went off at Rainforest Cafe and this was her reaction haha


Whitney Marie said...

So cute! Grace is so much fun, love all of the pictures.

Gangsta Ritchie said...

Dude that's awesome tell her that untie bre says happy bday love and miss u guys

Angie said...

happy birthday grace! Sounds like she had a wonderful birthday!

Barney Blah...g said...

Okay, these pictures were hilarious. What a sweet little Gracie. Looks like a fn time.