Monday, April 25, 2011

Aunt Meg

A few weeks ago Aunt Meg came to visit over her Spring Break! We crammed a lot in in the week she was here! We went shopping, the San Diego Zoo, the beach, went to L.A to the Walk of Fame! Meg hadn't been to a zoo before so we had a lot of fun taking lots of pictures! We also rode a bike on the beach and honked our horn at people and tried to take on some hills where I was huffing and puffing! In L.A. we did a little shopping and saw the stars which Meg had no idea who anyone was. We also went to Beverly Hills and looked at the beautiful houses. We went and saw the temple which was beautiful and went to Diddy Riese which is a little ice cream sandwich shop where you just pick 2 cookies and an ice cream flavor and it's $1.50! We had lots of fun. Grace loved the sleepovers with Meg every night. We watched a lot of Bones the T.V show and just hung around! It's always good to have company! We love you Meg!


ValaRee said...

Cute pictures of cute girls! Thanks for having Meg for the week, she loved it. Go have a lie down now! Love ya

Chelsea Roylance said...

How fun to live where there is so much to go and see! I love all the pictures, Grace is soo stinkin cute! She needs to live closer so I can spoil her :) Hope you're feeling good and getting lots of rest. We love you!

p.s. I want to see some pictures of your cute little belly!

Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...