Monday, April 5, 2010


Here are some pictures of Easter this year! Aunt Chelsea and Uncle Martin gave Grace her Easter dress this year for her birthday I love it! Grace put it on and kept calling herself "pincess" over and over again and of coarse checking herself out in the mirror at every opportunity! Saturday night Grace and I colored Easter eggs and she loved it she was so excited! Easter we just had a quiet, relaxing day! Grace had her egg hunt and we had dinner and then that night it was Eva's birthday so we went and had some cake! It was a nice day!

i had to keep them far away or grace would try to drink them

grace loved her easter basket and surprisingly she went for the toys before candy


Michelle said...

hahah checkin herself out in the mirror! she cracks me up. her smile is just so infectious!! so cute!

Phil and Holly said...

Her Easter dress and Easter basket are adorable! Miss u guys

Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

How fun! I love the easter Dress. EMree has those same shoes! Grace honestly has the biggest and cutest smile. Fun stuff!

ValaRee said...

What a beautiful "Easter Princess"! Good job Chelsea and Martin on the dress. I remember lots of good times coloring eggs. Glad to see the tradition is still alive. Love you guys. Grammy