Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Walk Around the Temple (plus some cute pics)

So far this year hasn't been so good to us when it comes to deaths. Grandpa Roylance passed away in January now Royce's Grandpa Munson passed away last week! We're really going to miss him! Thankfully it all worked out for Royce to leave for the funeral. So Royce was scheduled to fly out on Monday morning at 6:45 am so we got Grace up and took him to the airport. I got home and was laying in bed and decided to ask Royce if he made it on the plane ok. He texted back "no i missed my flight." I thought he was just acting like duh you dummy of coarse I made my flight but really he missed his flight by literally 2-3 minutes! Lucky for us, not so lucky for Royce, he wasn't able to fly out until 6 pm so he stayed at the airport and studied. Then Grace and I went and met up with him and had lunch then went and walked around the temple. It was a beautiful day and even though it wasn't fun getting up at 5:15 am for pretty much nothing, I'm glad we got to spend a few hours together which doesn't happen very often these days!
grace is obsessed with "fwowers"

she of coarse loved the water
doesn't she look so grown up :(

this is pretty much what grace looks like every night at dinner
best buds


Phil and Holly said...

She looks so tan! And yes, so grown up too. Way to go Royce, missing your flight... hah! I bet he stopped to buy a breakfast burrito or something... ;) Yes lets get together next time Phils outta town. which is like always so it should be soon! Although hanging out is depressing because Im getting so fat and you just keep getting skinnier and more fit!

Ashley said...

Sorry to hear you had another loss :(

I am happy to see you guys are still hanging in there with school and everything else...can't wait to hear when you'll be expecting again!!

Tim, Laurel, Olivia, and Brayden said...

Sorry about your grandparents. It looks like you guys had fun at lunch time. Grace is looking so much older... and like she needs a little brother. Plus this way when you hang out with Holly she won't have to feel bad. Call us next time your in Utah.

The Nielsen Clan said...

I pulled up your blog and Addi was sitting by me and said.. "Eve is so cute" So i corrected her "No thats Grace" and She replied, "Oh, Grace is so cute"


ValaRee said...

Sorry about Grandpa Munson. We'll miss the two great men that have passed on this year. Grace is a doll. Daddy is pretty cute too:) (Sorry Aub you weren't in any photo's) We love ya and hope to visit soon. Meg and Muff this weekend!!!! Ready or not here they come. Mom

Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

Turning lemons into lemonade! Love the pictures. The dinner one is so funny. Sometimes you have to just let them eat however they want.

Winder Family said...

Hey girlie! I didn't make the pillows and bedding. I found it for a steal on My intentions were to make them, but I actually saved money buying it already made. Things are going amazing! Ty and I couldn't be happier! Hope things are going well for you too. Happy Spring!!!