Thursday, November 19, 2009


We haven't had visitors for a while now and then we got 2 in one week! First my long time friend Sara came to stay! She was only here for a day but we had fun just catching up and spending time together! I felt bad cause my whole family was sick so poor Sara had to deal with that and go to the ghetto urgent care with me but its all about the memories! We went to Disneyland for a few hours though and rode Pirates of the Caribbean we had a good time! Next my brother Martin and his wife Chelsea came! They were here from Sunday until today! They bought 2 day Disneyland passes so they did that Monday and Tuesday! Then Wednesday we went to Huntington Beach and rented a bike which was hilarious! Grace loved it too! Then that night I got a babysitter (thanks Erin) and we went mini golfing and out to eat! Not to brag but I beat everyone at mini golf by at least 10 strokes and I got 4 hole in ones I think so I was happy! Anyways I'm glad we got to see them all...thanks for coming guys we love you! We are always wanting visitors so come on down!

royce and martin on california screamin
the grizzly river raft

our fancy beach bike

the boys spent most of the time pushing us because they had to go off-roading

grace entertaining us with her "dynomite"

sara and i on pirates

i just threw these in but these are my first sewing project! if you can't tell they are pumpkins


Erin said...

Well first off, I don't think I can ever go mini golfing with you! I am sooooo bad at it you would just laugh your face off the whole time!
Second, your bike ride looks like it was fun! Ahhh, I will definately miss the beach when we move.
Third, Grace is so cute and I love seeing her and Eva together now that they are kinda getting along.

ValaRee said...

Looks like you guys had fun. That was a Bike?!!!! I bet Martin was ticked at mini-golf! You're no fun to golf against... I speak from experience. They made it home safe and sound. Just missing in action for a couple of hours. Thanks for letting them stay with you. Cute pumpkin pillows. Maybe you'll catch the sewing bug after all. Love ya

Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

That sounds like so much fun! We are missing the warm weather and wishing we would have done disneyland. I love your pumpkins by the way.

Angie said...

Glad you had fun with the company! I think your pumpkins turned out so cute! You are just a natural sewer!

ValaRee said...

That is the cutest family photo ever!!!! Can't wait to see you guys. Love ya G-Roy