Monday, February 9, 2009

Fun with Grace

Things haven't been too exciting around here lately. It's been raining for about a week now and is supposed to keep raining.  I like the rain but there's not much to do. So yesterday Royce made Grace her first fort and she loved it!! Here's a few pictures of her in it and a few others I just wanted to throw in. The little toy is called a quadropus! My friend Angie and I made them the other day. Grace likes hers but it is a little heavy for her right now but she drags it around with her! Anyways enjoy! 

family in the fort

we have an escapee

the quadropus


Tim, Laurel, and Olivia said...

You got a haircut huh? It looks really cute. I have been wanting to make a fort for Olivia. Maybe we will do that today after she wakes up.

Jenna said...

Let the forts begin! And may they remain contained in one room hereafter... (:

Angie & Neal said...

That's so fun! I'll bet she loved it!

Barney Blah...g said...

Hey, cute hair, cute daughter, cute hubby! Those were some pretty fancy fort blankets you were under. Grace is so cute, we sure love her and you, sorry you are having rain on your days off from school.

Paul, Brittney, and Avery said...

I was going to buy that dress for Avery the other day and then I remembered that we live in the frozen tundra... I'm so jealous that it is warm enough for her to wear summer dresses! Maybe I will go back and get it for Avery and we can look at it and wish for warmer weather. Grace is so cute; wish we lived close!