Monday, February 16, 2009

Favorite Food

So Grace has issues with textures and won't eat anything that is chunky but the other day we had some left over corn that was home grown and froze. I decided to just try and offer it to Grace and she loved it!! Whenever I feed it to her she gets all excited and laughs the whole time!!

So I have been running with my friend Sarah because she is training for a marathon and she wanted somebody to train with her so I got suckered into it!! This is Grace after one of our runs!!!

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ckweller said...

If someone fed me some of the Roylance home grown corn I would be giggling like a school girl too! That is some good corn! That is cool you are running, are you going to run the marathon as well since you are training for one? I have told myself 100 times I am going to run one and then I decide I just can't run longer than 4 miles and I just stick with that.