Saturday, August 16, 2008

Our New Home

So we're finally settled into our new home!! It took a few days to get unpacked but we did it and now we're just having fun before Royce starts school!! There is so much to do here we are excited! So far we've just been exploring and we actually went down to Huntington Beach with our friends Paul and Erin & Grace's new little friend Eva!!

royce and paul

grace and eva

chillin in her new bumbo
trying to sit up
in her new jump-a-roo from grandma roylance
hugs for daddy


Phil and Holly said...

Oh you guys look like youre having so much fun! I can't wait til we can come down and visit!

Barney Blah...g said...

what in the heck is a jumbo? whatever it is Grace is looking really cute in it! The beach looks so fun, we want to be there now!

Rachel said...

Aub why do you always have to look like a freakin supermodel? You put new mom's like me to shame! Oh well, lucky you. I can't believe Grace is starting to sit up! CA looks fun!

Royce said...

the seat is called a bumbo, not a jumbo. ha ha. it's supposed to help babies sit up. come and see us soon!

ckweller said...

I love your swim suit it looks great on you.

Rachel said...

hey this girl is selling her bumbo seat for cheap and i was wondering if you think it's worth it? Does Grace like her's and sit in it for awhile? Or will she get the same practice sitting up in her high chair?

Heidi said...

I want to come visit!!! :) Aubs, you're a smokin' mama!