Saturday, August 16, 2008

On the Road To California

A week ago Royce, Grace, and I made the 23 hour drive to California. We made it a 2 day trip which was nice but we ended up driving for 18 hours the first day! We were in a 24 foot long Budget truck because that was all they had available plus we had a car trailer so we were a long load. It wasn't too bad of a drive though it actually went by pretty fast! We were almost done with our first day's drive when saw flashing lights behind us...yes we were getting pulled over! It was pretty lame, we were going the speed limit but supposedly we were only supposed to be going 55 because we had a trailer..who knew but we don't know if he got a ticket or not we just got a notice to appear in court so we'll see!! That night we stayed in Clovis with our friends Phil and Holly! Holly was being induced the next morning and we got in late so we didn't get to spend much time together!! We were hoping to see the baby but we didn't get to but we've seen pictures and he's a cutie!! We finished the drive the next day which took about 5 hours! We were happy to be out of the truck!! We are so lucky, Grace is the best baby ever!! The pictures show what she did the whole way to California!
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Barney Blah...g said...

wow what an adventure for you three! Grace is the best baby ever!

ckweller said...

I hate moving! I am dreading the day we have to move. I hope you like your new home we will have to come visit you some time and go to the beach!