Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Grace has been sleeping a lot lately. I think it is because she hasn't been feeling all that good but here are some cute pictures of her taking a nap. The last two are outside under an umbrella. Oh and Grace can roll over now!! It was so exciting..one day I had her laying on a blanket on the floor and usually she goes onto her side but this day she rolled all the way over to her tummy. She can't go all the way but she'll roll over and back so yeah!! The bad part is though that she rolls onto her tummy then keeps her face in the blanket and won't turn her head to the side!! It is kind of funny cause she just makes little noises until someone moves her onto her back! She's so funny!


Phil said...

She's so cute.

krystind said...

CUTEST BABY EVER. hands down.

Barney Blah...g said...

We miss this cute little thing! She is so cute when she has that laughing grin!!!! We got her a really fine swimming suit cover up in Mexico hopefully it fits, it is very chic! (is that how you spell that) hope we get to see you soon! MOM