Sunday, May 18, 2008

Welcome Home Kent

My cousin Kent Roylance just got home on Thursday from his mission in New Zealand so our whole fam went to Spokane airport to welcome him home!! It was awesome to see him again! None of us even saw him cause we were looking for a black suit and he came out in a light suit so we were a little confused for a minute!! It's just cool to see them come home and the change you see in them. It was an emotional experience. Then we went out to eat...that's where the bear statue came from so yeah it was a fun day!!

               Me and my cub


Stephanie Kay Moore said...

You guys look so great in all of those pictures and I can't believe Kent is home already!!!! That is awesome!

Shay and Kira said...

Royce! I know it has been forever! I hope someday our paths will cross again and I can see your adorable Grace! Did you hear Mitch is getting married on June 7th?

Rachel and Chad said...

love the cub pic, and your sister is like a mini you!