Sunday, June 19, 2011

Trip Home

Last week Grace and I made a trip up to Washington to see grammy and papa! We hadn't seen them since Christmas so it was time! We had lots of fun just spending time together! I was sick the whole week so that was no fun but Grace loved jumping on the tramp with her grandparents and playing with her little cousin Eli! It made us sad that we don't live closer but hopefully soon! Whenever Grace was sad she wanted grammy and every time my dad came home from work she would yell grandpa and run and give him a big hug! It was so sweet to see! We had a great time but missed daddy so it was good to be home too! Thanks for the fun week, we love you!

we went and visited my grandpa's graves and actually had a little picnic in the cemetery haha it was fun!

grace played with this little girl at the park and once when they ran by we heard the girl speaking spanish to grace haha

my mom took us to get pedicures since my feet were swollen most the week, thanks to the heat and high heels, and while we were there the lady asked to paint grace's nails she was the most still i think i've ever seen her


Laurel said...

I love going to see my parents. We are leaving in about a week for my brothers wedding. I bet Grace loved getting a "pedicure". How fun!

Erin said...

Looks like a fun week. Grace is so funny, love the spanish-speaking friend and the pretty toes. Grandparents are the best aren't they!?! And sorry to hear about your swollen feet, just a few more weeks to go right!

smith said...

cute toes. Glad you got to go home and see the family.

ValaRee said...

Makes me homesick for you guys! My toesnails are hanging in there, how about yours? We love you. Grammy