Friday, January 28, 2011

Every Mothers Worst Nightmare

So this happened a few weeks ago but we had just gotten back from Washington for Christmas! Grace and I were watching Beauty and the Beast one afternoon and I fell asleep. I was awoken to "Mom I cut my hair!" with the hugest grin I'd ever seen! I was kind of out of it so I didn't think it was too bad but when I stood up I saw hair all over her dress and when I went into the bathroom I saw piles and piles of blonde hair! I turned around to see Grace standing there again with a huge grin just so proud of herself so all I could do was laugh and hug her! We had just cut her hair so I guess that's where she got the idea. I usually don't have scissors out but that morning I had trimmed her bangs and forgot to put them away! So glad she didn't lose an eye or something! Learned my lesson and I think her hair turned out cute after we took her in to get it fixed!
Cute New Haircut
Grace's Mullet you can't see it that good but she chopped the sides off
The end result this is the best picture I could get to show the haircut cause straight on pictures don't do it justice


Stephanie Kay Moore said...

Oh my goodness that is so funny. Taylor used to cut her hair all of the time, especially her bangs. From the picture you posted it really does look adorable!

Sara said...

oh no!!! at least she's cute enough, so she can rock any hair do!

Tim, Laurel, Olivia, and Brayden said...

So is it short now? I think it looks like it is probably really cute.

Angie & Neal said...

I think you handled that very sometimes just have to laugh it off right? I think her new haircut is quite styling!