Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving Break

Over Thanksgiving break Royce, Grace, and I drove to Idaho for Royce's sister Colby's wedding. It was quite the adventure! We left the 20th and drove to Vegas to stay the night! On the way Grace had to go potty and there were no rest stops so Grace experienced her first pee on the side of the road haha she was scared! Anyways we stayed at Circus Circus which was a little junky but kinda fun! That was our first hotel of the week! The next day we traveled to Salt Lake City and stayed a couple nights. Tuesday we drove with Royce's fam trying to make it to Jackson, WY but the roads got bad so we stayed the night in Idaho Falls. Wednesday we made it to Jackson and we stayed in a hotel there where we had our lovely thanksgiving meal! It was quite good!! Royce's big 30th birthday was Friday and we went to Rexburg to stay the night for Colby's wedding the next day! We went out for his birthday and he watched football all day so he loved it especially since Boise State lost! Anyways so Saturday was the wedding and it was awesome! Colby and Jim looked so good and so happy! After the reception that night, which was amazing by the way, we made our way back to Salt Lake, got home at 2 am, then got up in the morning to leave and our car wouldn't start! So after a few hours of trying to start it we just took Royce's dad's car and drove back to California. It took us 13 hours because of bad roads and we didn't get home until 1 am. Needless to say we were glad to be home! Luckily Royce's dad is so awesome and instead of Royce having to drive back to Utah to get our car, he is going to drive it down for us...thanks Russell!! It was a good week!

i just threw this in cause i thought she looked cute

the spongebob ride at circus circus
grace and her barney cousins she loved playing with them so much
she especially loved little easton they were sweet together
the happy couple

this was another little girl named grace at the reception and grace and her had lots of fun as you can see


The Shelton Family said...

wow, that sounds like quite the adventure! Glad you made it back safe:)

Our Growing Family said...

I'm sad we missed you guys ! And of course the wedding! I heard it was wonderful! Grace is such a sweetheart! And those dresses are priceless!! Hope to see you guys soon!

Chelsea Roylance said...

Grace is getting so big! She looks super adorable in all those pictures, her smile just melts my heart :) Glad you had a fun trip and made it home safe, we can't wait for you to come our way!! We're excited to see you guys!!

Rachel said...

Sounds like a crazy busy holiday! Would have loved to see you to say hi for a minute! We live right off of the hitt rd exit.

ValaRee said...

What a beautiful couple. They are a match made in heaven. The little bridesmaids are adorable. DeEtte did a great job on the dresses. Happy belated 30th Royce! You look amamzing! Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks!!

kim said...

I can't believe I did not say happy birthday to Roycie Kent Barney when I saw him at the wedding!What a great little family you are! It was so fun to see you at the wedding!