Sunday, July 25, 2010

Toy Story 3 and The Angel's

A week or so ago we decided to take Grace to her first movie being old enough to enjoy it! We took her to Toy Story 3 and she was more excited to be in the theater I think than watch the movie! She was all over the place moving from seat to seat, going back and forth between Royce and I, and leaning over to say hi to all the people in front of us! It was a cute movie and it was so fun to see her excitement! Then that night was the Angel's game! I bought Royce tickets for Father's Day and then we kind of forgot about it until I got an email that day saying thanks for purchasing the tickets so I scrambled to find a babysitter and we were off! The weather was perfect and it was fun to just hang out together!!

grace grabbed my hand and held it for a while it was cute

enjoying the game
royce was kind enough to get a bum shot of my boyfriend franklin gutierrez..yum!


Lindsey said...

How fun. I took Jay to Toy story 3 also and it scared her half to death. She wanted to leave. The Angels game looked like so much fun too. What a fun night! Grace is getting so big. She is such a cutie.

Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

Okay! Could Grace and you have cuter hair. I think not! How cute.

THanks! We are excited.

I would love love love to have you visit anytime. We are only an hour and half from San Francisco which makes it really fun too! We miss you guys too. Em is finally at and age where here and grace would have a blast together.

Aubrey said...

Nice bum shot ;) you guys had some pretty good seats! We are too cheap to venture down to the high class seats. Some day. Grace's hair is way cute.. seems longer!

smith said...

We still haven't gone to see that movie yet, we will probably wait until it comes to the dollar theater. :) You will have to come play with mazie some time soon.