Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Goodbye Disneyland It's Been Fun

Today was the last day we could use our Disneyland passes until the end of August! So to get a couple more uses we went to Disneyland last night and watched the firework show for the first time! Grace loved it she kept yelling BOOM BOOM BOOM! Then today Erin and I braved the crowds to get one more trip! We went on a couple rides but I think the girls' favorite part was running in the water with their clothes on!! Disneyland we'll see you in a couple of months!

grace was very excited about fireworks

all dressed up for disneyland...she's a cheeser i love it!


Phil and Holly said...

dang you guys live at disneyland! grace is looking might cute!

Rachel said...

I wish we lived that close to Disneyland you lucky girl! Gracie is such a happy kid; you guys must be doing something right! I had the same blog background you just picked for awhile too, i guess we have the same style! (i wish:)