Friday, May 28, 2010

Riley's Farewell

Last week Grace and I spent a week in Washington to spend time with my brother Riley before he left on his mission to West Virginia. We went and saw Grandpa's cows which Grace loved, she touched the baby cows nose but I'm still waiting for those pics! Riley spoke in church on Sunday then we had a bbq at my parents which was delicious! My birthday was Monday and my cousin Mitchell was coming home from his mission so we went out to dinner at Red Robin then went and greeted him! Grandma bought Grace a tutu and we found an old leotard in our dress up box and grandma did a little altering and puffed the sleeves and now she has a cute little outfit! Grace dressed up everyday...she wore a tinker bell outfit and one of my old dance costumes it was so cute! We had a lot of fun as always! It was good to say goodbye to Riley he is going to do awesome!

before we found the leotard grace just went topless
we told grace to smile and she yelled NO

riley and his buddies (riley is in the blue shirt with light blue pants)
we went to dq for my b-day with my long time friend kristin and her mom kim, cousin rachel, and my grandma roylance
riley was a troll for halloween when he was little so we put the wig on grace


ValaRee said...

We had such a great time having you here! Riley really loves you guys and appreciates the support. Grace is the cutest "Tinker Troll" in the world. Love and miss you G-Roy

Our Growing Family said...

Oh my heck!! What a darling girl!! So dang cute!! She just looks like the life of the party-or she is the party!! Good job on that one! Hope you guys are doing well!!

Kariann said...

AubRee! She is so darling! I wish I could have seen you when you were here. Love Ya!