Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fun Times

Last week my friend Erin and I went to the beach with the girls cause there was an open invitation from a lady in our ward. Little did we know we would be crashing the seminary back to school party haha! We still had a lot of fun even though we were cheapo's and wouldn't pay for parking so we ended up way out in the boonies trying to haul our kids plus all of our stuff! It was awful but we survived! We also went to the beach with Erin and Paul on Labor Day! We all ended up burned but it was worth it! Grace hit a milestone as well! She started to swim..with floaties of coarse but she is like a little fish now! She's a keeper!

Eva and Erin
the girls love the ocean
grace after getting taken out by a wave

grace and arleigh
i thought grace looked cute that day but thats the best picture she would give me

tonight i took grace down to the pool and hot tub since royce is working all night


Dashley said...


Anonymous said...

She is so blonde! And cute! I miss you guys!

Rachel said...

I cant believe she is swimming with floaties! Smart girl. That white tank was an adorable outfit on her by the way. You are so lucky you live by the beach. In response to your comment-i can't sew by myself-i dont know what to do so my mom does most of it.

Sara said...

Grace is so cute!! I love how you do her hair!

Angie said...

what a cutie...she's a little beach bum isn't she?! Love all her clothes and hair. she is one stylish chic

ValaRee said...

The bully of the beach can sure fool you with that cherub smile!
Grandma loves her spunk. G-Roy

Kristi said...

Your girl is such a cutie, I need to take some tips from you as to how to get cute clothes for a little girl. Anyway I found your blog from Aubrey Neilson's blog. I'm Paul Brewer's wife. 1st year. not sure if you remember me I also saw you at Kim's baby shower.