Monday, May 11, 2009

It's Been a While

So a lot has been going on lately! My sweet little Grace who was once just happy to be alive has turned into the neighborhood bully! I don't know what it is but since she has been teething, especially getting her molars she has been a little stink! She has turned into a biter and a hair's so weird because I was such a calm kid but I guess Royce may have been rowdy who knows! She only gets that way with the kids younger than her because she's totally fine with older kids, I think it's because she likes to play a little rough and the younger kids don't! Anyways hopefully this phase passes soon! She is growing up so fast! She is pretty much walking now although she needs to practice with shoes but it's so cute to watch her! She still crawls a little bit but it won't be long until she's exclusively walking! Royce is just starting finals so life will be crazy for the next couple weeks but things here are good! We're happy and excited for a little break this summer!

grace and eva playin in the tub

grace's new lawnmower

I just thought she looked so cute here
a couple sunday's ago we went to the park to feed the ducks and play on the toys...ignore the bad hair



Barney Blah...g said...

Hey thanks for the card and phone call Sunday. Grace looks to cute to be a meany! Good luck with all your tests this week Royce, we sure love you guys!

Tim, Laurel, and Olivia said...

I was sad when Olivia was bullying little kids. I think she is a little better now??? Grace definitely does look too cute to be a meany. Miss you guys.

ValaRee said...

Don't be seduced by that cute face. Those choppers are lethal! Ha! It's so fun to see her standing like a big girl. Can't wait to have her running the halls of Grandma and Grandpas house. We wish you success Royce on your testing. Take good care of him Aub. We love ya, G-Roy

Ty and Dani said...

Hey.. when are you moving for the summer? Because we just moved into our place on Monday!

uncle rill said...

She takes after me in the biting and hair pulling... i never really grew out of it tho.

Michelle said...

man.. what a stinkin cutie! love that outfit with the cute skirt!

Angie & Neal said...

I love that cute Grace! She's so stinkin' cute! She really is growing up fast!

The Guymon Family said...

I have heard so much about your family, I already feel I know you!
I am Neal's Mom. I grew up in Teton Valley as did Royce! Then we had a good laugh when I was visiting with Leslie Wade Moberg and we discovered that Aubrey grew up next to her in Moses Lake! She was my next door neighbor growing up! And now Neals's only brother is seriosly dating Leslie's niece!
We are here with Neal and Angie during this trying time. They sure love you! Thanks for being such great support to them. We hope to meet you soon! Boyd and Connie Guymon