Friday, July 11, 2008

Priest Lake

Royce, Grace, and I just got back from visiting our friends Phil and Holly at Priest Lake. There was lots of tubing and tons of excellent food!! Phil's family gets one week a year to go stay in their Grandpa's cabin and they invited us for the second time this year! The cabin is has tons of rooms and is fun to have a lot of people there. It was pretty windy so the water was pretty choppy but we had a good time!! Every time we got on the boat Grace was out like a light..I guess the choppy water just rocked her to sleep!


Phil said...

The weather was perfect all week, except for thursday afternoon when we got some serious wind and some pretty massive waves.

Hambrick said...

Aubree, it's your cousin Stacy. Aunt Deb gave me your blog info. Very cute family. Your brother Riley is roomaates with my brother in law at Ricks---small world. Check us out at