Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Denny's and a Sleepover

My friend Holly and I were talking and remembering when we were single and went out to Denny's at midnight so we wanted to do it again just for fun!!  So a few days before we moved we decided we would go! It was fun even though the husbands didn't think so but that's ok!! Holly and Phil and us had been planning a sleepover for a long time but we never did it. We were going to stay up all night and play nintendo and hang out but we waited too long!! So we ended up having a sleepover but we were both in the middle of packing to move so we didn't do the all nighter with nintendo!! We've already planned to have a sleepover in Washington this summer so we'll have to do all the fun stuff then...we can't wait!!!
Holly and I
Walter, Phil, and Holly
Aria, Walter, Phil, Holly

Don't worry we brought Grace along!!

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