Tuesday, March 18, 2008

1 Month Old

Grace is already 1 month old!! I can't believe how fast the time has gone by it's crazy! She is a lot more alert now and actually is awake during the day! She is pretty good at sleeping through the night..she usually only gets up once during the night! It's so funny cause almost every morning Royce is like "wow she was good last night, did you even get up?" He sleeps right through it. She doesn't really cry at all she just whimpers when she's hungry so we are really lucky! Grace likes to smile a lot too I know people think its just from gas which she is way gassy but she will smile at us all the time when we are just talking to her!! Everyone tells us how small she is too and we think she is big..she is actually stretching out now so she looks a lot bigger than when we first brought her home!! It's kind of sad too Grace is suffering from some baby acne. It is going away now but it was pretty bad for a few days!! My brothers are always like put her on acutane haha! She's a sweetheart though and we love her so much..we're having so much fun!!

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ckweller said...

I can't believe she only gets up one time in the night! You are really lucky.