Friday, January 18, 2008

Schweitzer Trip

Over Christmas my fam went to Schweitzer for a little vacation! My parents rented this sweet condo so that was nice since my mom and I spent the whole time indoors given my condition!! My mom and I spent our time making receiving blankets, headbands, and bracelets for Grace so that was fun!! The rest of the fam had a lot of fun skiing even though it was really foggy!


Ashley said...

hey woman!! I'm so excited that you started a blog so I can see pictures of your baby when she finally arrives!! How are you feeling?? It feels so good to not be pregnant anymore. I'm thinking about getting and IUD so we'll see what I decide because I really need to wait a while to get my body back!! I will call you soon love!! Miss you!!

Stephanie Kay Moore said...

Glad you started a blog and can't wait to see the little girl when she comes!!

ValaRee said...

Hey Aub, Glad to see you are making good use of your time while you can. How exciting that our good looking bunch made your blog page!! Love ya Vul