Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tagged Again

So I'm supposed to say 5 weird things about me...

1. I always assume the worst: every little pain i get its definitely cancer or a heart attack!

2. I'm always afraid that somebody's out to get me: i know i'm not that cool and people don't stalk me but i am always scared someone's going to follow me out of the grocery store or hiding in our closet just ready to attack!! i'm crazy i know!

3. As others have said I feel the need to sneak food: i don't know why i do it but i always think that if i want a snack whether its healthy or not i feel like i have to hide it from royce!! it might stem from royce saying when i was pregnant " i wonder if grace will have small thighs like me!" haha thats not really why, i just feel the need to sneak! (actually royce always tells me to eat more)
4. I'm deathly afraid of the dark: this is similar to my fear of being attacked!! i guess i'm just afraid of what's in the dark!! 

5. I remember how, when, and by who I have been embarrassed by since I was a kid and will never forget: example: i will never forget when brian kast pushed me on the ground in the commons at the high school then threw a paper plate at my face and said "the snow is falling and so are you!" i forgive i just don't forget!!

I tag Holly, Laurel, Angie, Shonnee, and Sarah


Tim, Laurel, and Olivia said...

Poor AubRee. Tim said a few rude things to me when I was pregnant. I think they were supposed to be funny like, "If you keep eating like that you are going to blow up like a balloon!" I don't think I will ever not remind him about it.

Jenna said...

I totally agree with #2!!! I'm always driving around the block past my house just in case the person behind me is following me home!!! WEll, it may be peranoid, but at least I'll be less likely to get attacked!!! (:

I wanted to invite you to my blog...but I'll need your email address, first...mine is if you're interested, just send me your email, and I'll invite you! Thanks!

Heidi and Kevin said...

hey aub it's beena while since i have talked to yuo but i am going to be coming to cali in july hahah i know a long time away but thought i would give you the heads up so i can see ya

Tyson Pyle said...

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA Brian Kast pushed you to the ground. What a jerk.

Phil and Holly said...

No I don't have tickets yet. The girls I was gong to go see it with decided they wanted to be hard-core and go at midnight tonight :( Phil's out of town so no one to be here with Bruin, plus I go to bed at like 9:30 these days so theres no way I could stay awake! I'm hoping Phil will go with me this weekend or maybe Monday, since Saturday is the big BYU game. You'll have to tell me if its good!

Ashley said...

Hey love!! So remember how we got to spend new years together last year all pregnant?? Will we get to do the same this year minus the pregnant part...unless you have something to tell me!! Love you!